8 simple cyber security tips for small business owners

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed some of the biggest data breaches and cyber attacks in history. So for businesses, keeping data safe is the number one concern of businesses these days (even for small and medium-sized business.)

Due to several rising security breaches on several companies, data security against unwanted intrusion is on everyone’s mind. Cyber security is the biggest challenges organisations face these days no matter what industry they are in or no matter big or small.

In fact, the impact of cyber security threats is even more severe when it comes to small businesses and medium-sized enterprises. Cyber criminals love to target small business largely due to the fact that most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to implement strong security protocols.

Nothing can be hundred percentage safe, but at the same time small and medium sized enterprises can advance the protection environment by acquiring a strong understanding of their external web presence and ensuring it is secure by undertaking penetration testing and minimizing exposure by taking action such as regularly updating security patches.

If you want to prolong the life of your small business, you need to give importance to your cyber security. You need to protect especially your sensitive data. Choose a security precaution that fits the type of information you store.

Here are the 8 simple ways your small business can follow to avoid cyber security breach: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/working-smarter/professional-development/simple-cyber-security-tips-small-business-owners

What Is The Best Way To Think Of A Successful Startup Idea?

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Being your own boss is a dream of so many people these days – this mindset seems to be taking the world by storm. Many are now more inclined to start their own enterprise. It seems to lure many people and running an own business shows the larger than life picture. Meanwhile, the reality is a bit different.

Do you want to start your own business and be called an “entrepreneur”? If you do, you need to understand the market, do the need analysis and many researches before executing your plan. You might be budding with business startup ideas but mere planning will not help you succeed. Rather, understand the reason why you need is a right plan of action to succeed.

Starting a business requires a number of important things. First, you need to have the experience and skill to run a business. Entrepreneurship is fun and exciting, but this path is not always a walk in the park. There are times when you will experience some big problems, so you need to have the knowledge in order for you to overcome such hurdles.

Apart from the know-how, you also need funding. You need money to get your business started. But in addition to that, and probably the most important requirement is your idea.

Business idea can make or break your startup business’ success. So if you want to know the best way to think of an excellent startup idea, read this article: http://www.ibtimes.com/what-best-way-think-successful-startup-idea-2535505

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Small Businesses Lose An Average Of $6600 For Every Online Attack

Today, a majority of business organisations (including small and medium-sized businesses) have their lives dependent on the internet. It is without a doubt that many organisations do business at least for a single session online.

For many businesses, they are forever online because they depend on the internet to sell, purchase, or offer something. With the growing popularity of laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices, connectivity has been much improved. But when online, protecting your devices, especially your information and data should be a priority and an ongoing effort so as to make sure that cyber attacks and malware do not come their way.

According to research, a good number of small and medium sized businesses do not consider their security when online especially those who use mobile devices. For some, it is just ignorance and attaching little or no importance to their online security. Not realising that this lack of any cyber security measures or efforts can be a suicidal thing to do. In today’s situation, the number of online scammers and the complexity of threats found online can put your business’ confidential information and other sensitive data required for some of the online endeavours in danger.

Why we should be worried? According to an article published by Life Hacker Australia, small businesses lose an average of $6,600 for every online attack!

Read the full article here: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/03/small-businesses-lose-an-average-of-6600-for-every-online-attack

Email Marketing Pitfalls

In drawing more consumers into their business, email marketing has been a very successful marketing strategy (and still is actually). With attractive contents, email marketing can effectively promote a product or service.

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Email marketing approach is seen as an effective marketing tool with a simple but powerful message (which is sent through email) that could stir the hearts of consumers into supporting the business and make purchases to benefit the company.

However, the competition in the marketplace has become a tough challenge for businesses nowadays when it comes to their email marketing campaign. Today, it has become more difficult for marketers to send messages through their email to their targeted customers since these people have been heavily flooded with emails every day. As a result, they use filter to avoid necessary mails. And with that, some of the messages that businesses send are labelled as spam or junk mail which is deleted automatically by the mail system instead of being viewed by the consumer for a favourable purchase decision.

In order to prevent your email messages to be detected as spam and eventually filtered, you need to know the right tips. Also, you should avoid the email marketing mistakes that some makes in order to effectively execute this strategy.

Hannah Wickford from Small Business Chronicle published a helpful blog post about the email marketing pitfalls some people make. Reading this article can help you become a better email marketer.

Read the full article by clicking this link: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/email-marketing-pitfalls-42956.html

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Australia’s Real Estate Tycoons See Gains In 2015

Perth Business News: For those who are in search for opportunities in the face of the global financial crisis investing in real property has proven to be a good business move. Investing in a property or a real estate is a good way to build wealth.

Many real property business persons have found success in this type of investment, but this does not mean anyone who ventures into real property investment can expect to reap its rewards. As with any other investment opportunities, there are winners and losers in the field of real property investment. And finding success most often depends on finding a good property that matches the investor, and the perfect market conditions.

If you are planning to be part of the property investing industry, you should always remember that buying investment property comes with its own risks should not deter you from considering investing.

Investing in properties is a tricky challenge as there are many factors to consider in order for you to get the best deals. However, the secret to achieving swift success in real property investment is to find a good property in a good location, a receptive market with purchasing power, and a market that is on the rise.

How great real estate investment is? In fact according to Forbes, Australian real estate tycoons saw gains in 2016.

Learn more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesasia/2016/01/27/australias-real-estate-tycoons-see-gains-in-2015/#51f3ce723447