In drawing more consumers into their business, email marketing has been a very successful marketing strategy (and still is actually). With attractive contents, email marketing can effectively promote a product or service.

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Email marketing approach is seen as an effective marketing tool with a simple but powerful message (which is sent through email) that could stir the hearts of consumers into supporting the business and make purchases to benefit the company.

However, the competition in the marketplace has become a tough challenge for businesses nowadays when it comes to their email marketing campaign. Today, it has become more difficult for marketers to send messages through their email to their targeted customers since these people have been heavily flooded with emails every day. As a result, they use filter to avoid necessary mails. And with that, some of the messages that businesses send are labelled as spam or junk mail which is deleted automatically by the mail system instead of being viewed by the consumer for a favourable purchase decision.

In order to prevent your email messages to be detected as spam and eventually filtered, you need to know the right tips. Also, you should avoid the email marketing mistakes that some makes in order to effectively execute this strategy.

Hannah Wickford from Small Business Chronicle published a helpful blog post about the email marketing pitfalls some people make. Reading this article can help you become a better email marketer.

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